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Established in 1971 we offer representation to child artistes (ages 5 – 16) through the Jackie Palmer Agency and young performers (ages 16 – 21) with JPA Young Performers, in all aspects of the entertainment industry.  Primarily our clients work in Television, Film, Theatre and Commercials (please click current news for examples of recent work). 

The Agency promotes our clients to casting opportunities and negotiates contracts on their behalf, in return we take commission of 15%.  All our clients must appear in the Spotlight Children or Young Performers directory. This is a casting directory used by production teams and casting directors to source child artists for their productions.  Once a child under 16 has secured a role they must be licenced by their Local Education Authority to work.  Details of licence procedure and forms can be found by clicking the 'Licences' link above.

Please contact the Agency for CV's and details of our child clients: 01494 520 978 / jackie.palmer@btinternet.com

JPA Young Performers

Young Performers are 16-20 year olds who are considering a career in the entertainment industry.  A Young Performer is off licence and will be treated as an adult by casting directors, production companies & ourselves. They are expected to travel to auditions and jobs on their own & genererally the agents will deal with them direct and not through parents.   We expect all Young Performers to show total commitment to the Agency and have a genuine passion to persue a career in performance.  We would encourage all our Young Performers to continue their training at a recognised Drama or Dance school, after which our Management team would be happy to consider them for JPA Management (details of which can be found at: www.jpamanagement.co.uk)

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